Wishbone Framing

A wishbone was brought to me for framing by a lady who had received one from her mother-in-law after the first Thanksgiving after their engagement. She wished to carry on this tradition with her son and his future bride and wanted to be able to present it to them at their wedding.

The first part of the design part was easy; choosing the mat and the frame as we played it off the wedding invitation photo colours. The taupe-coloured mat was a reflection of the font colour on the invitation and the frame was a hands down winner as it was a reflection of the bumper of the vehicle. It draws your eye into the piece. The top mat piece that highlights the wishbone is a design feature that draws your eye into their invitation.

The next step was the difficult one – cleaning and preserving the wishbone. I could not have accomplished this without the assistance of my good friend Andrea Hatch, at Cabinet of Curiosity, Stettler, AB – she is a conservator and picture framer. The wishbone had to be soaked to get all the meat off the bone. Then it had to be put in a solution to stop the breakdown of proteins. I worked on sample wishbones before doing this process on “the” wishbone. Once I had this process down I put the Thanksgiving wishbone through the process and it turned out nicely.

I then started the mat design. We had determined that the wishbone and the personalized stamp be placed together. This was accomplished by cutting the mat for the stamp and then by cutting slits for the wishbone mounting. The wishbone is mounted on the mat with a strip of clear Mylar – if ever needed this is a reversible solution. An aside: as framers our goal is to be able to reverse all the steps we have taken for mounting a piece of art.

wishboneThe final piece is Tru Vue Museum Glass which is the most costly glass but the best to preserve the piece. Museum glass or acrylic provides the 99% UV protection but with low reflective but high clarity of light. This glass has adhesive between the layers that make it shatter resistant and shard resistant. This glass is gas impermeable to make an airtight frame enclosure. This is the highest quality of framing available. This was chosen to preserve the piece and for the clarity it offered.



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