Veil of Tamar

Veil 1I had the privilege of getting to know Lyn Besse McGinnis (she is a singer and songwriter) before Christmas and she entrusted me with the framing of the artwork titled “Veil of Tamar” plus the framing of her of her release CD “Veil of Tamar” and the jacket.

We started with the piece of Art first. I suggested that we go with frames that were intricate in design to be reflect of the depth of culture of Tamar’s time (Biblical). We started with the outside moulding which worked but we felt that it was not enough – it brought out some of the image.  I suggested an inside moulding (frame) that should be white. We tried various options but the one we chose drew your eye into the piece and the design added layers to the culture – Veil of Tamar – added layers – hidden.

The combination was breathtaking.

The CD was dressed with handmade paper with the lyrics of the song printed on it plus the same moulding that was used on the portrait of the “Veil of Tamar“. This use of the same moulding ties these two pieces together but also allows them to stand on their own.

Check out Lynn’s website for more information.

veil 2


  1. Patricia Start

    I enjoyed reading about the process of framing this beautiful artwork. I have been lucky to watch you adorn a number of different pieces. It is all about enhancing the product – I don’t think many of us thing about the how and why’s of choosing the frames and mats that are chosen. Thanks for sharing the process. – Pat

  2. Thank you Kathryn. Your framing is your art. I had no idea what a creative process it was until you walked me through it.
    A little history – I met visual artist Ingeburg Borowski (Germany) at an artist retreat at Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus. I was so inspired by her style & particularly her painting TAMAR, a biblical character from the Old Testament, that I researched the character & wrote the song THE VEIL OF TAMAR. On our last retreat evening, I sang Inge the song & she surprized me with my own original painting which I promptly called THE VEIL OF TAMAR.
    I recorded the song in August 2014 (now available on my website & on itunes). I hope to have to the song play alongside the original which is hanging in a German art gallery.
    Thank you Kathryn for playing such an important role in the final stage – framing & hanging my painting & CD jacket. Both are proudly displayed in my livingroom. Lyn

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