Telling a Life’s Journey

A customer came in with the file full of pictures. She had no preconceived idea of how she wanted them placed in the frame. She told me her priorities; the number one priority was that her son, whom she loved dearly, had to be in the middle as he was no longer with us. She talked about the beauty of her daughter inside and out. She told me how their relationship and love has grown and how her daughter has become a friend. She spoke of the love that her and her husband shared and included special anniversary pictures. She spoke about her granddaughters how much she loves them her eyes sparkled when she spoke of them. She spoke about her parents and her husband’s parents and how she loved them.

family imageWith this is my base I  started planning how to place the pictures. This seems easy but in reality it’s hard to do. I formulated probably eight different designs before I found the “right” one. I eventually decided that the foundation would be the two sets of parents with her husband and his sisters included, working my way to the top with her precious grandbabies and son. I dry mounted some of the photos to keep the photos rigid. I hand cut all the openings in the mat, soft blue with a darker blue core, and then placed the pictures in them. Then I used the dry mounted ones on top stacking them on different heights of bases. It pleases the eye when you encounter pictures in a shadow box at different depths. This piece is framed with a Roma moulding called Savoir that is mottled like the background in some of the photos. The frame chosen was the final touch.

This customer will remain top of my mind for her great lesson of love. Her love of those that she has lost and the love that she has for her husband, daughter, granddaughters and neighbours. I believe that she was placed in my life so I could reprioritize my life. She loves deeply – it flows out of her heart and her eyes. It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to get to know this woman. I pray that I will have an opportunity to connect with her again.


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