Wishbone Framing

A wishbone was brought to me for framing by a lady who had received one from her mother-in-law after the first Thanksgiving after their engagement. She wished to carry on this tradition with her son and his future bride and wanted to be able to present it to them at their wedding.


Glazing (better known as glass or acrylic)

As a customer you should have a base knowledge of the purpose of glazing.
It act as part of the package that may protect your treasures from insects, dust, humidity and light.

Basic glass protects a piece from insects, dust and some humidity if the framing package is done … Read MORE

Veil of Tamar

Veil 1I had the privilege of getting to know Lyn Besse McGinnis (she is a singer and songwriter) before Christmas and she entrusted me with the framing of the artwork titled “Veil of Tamar” plus the framing of her of her release … Read MORE