Feature Artist - Cathy Lacey

Close up of the detail and color play of the multi-media paointings of Cathy Lacey.

Aspen Series

~ responds to my boreal forest home in Prince Albert and Emma Lake. My interest is in the shimmer of the aspen. My painted construction methods endeavour to capture the play of light, texture and movement.

Palo verde series

~ was born from my initial response to the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona. There are numerous varieties and each has a structure, texture and changing colours that I simply fell for! The tree also became yet another symbol for ideas of importance to me such as the tenacity of the human spirit. Those who know me well know that I am rooted in my faith as student of the teachings of Jesus. I rely on my faith in this and in all of my explorations of subject and materials.


Abstraction in mixed media is my foray into visual poetry. There are multiple meanings and sensations that connect to my emotional states, social and political interests. One interest is the poetry and life story of Antonio Guerrero, known internationally as one of the Cuban Five. His poems inspire me in their insistence on countering injustice and hatred with the complex of humanism

Color, playful and interest

Another delightful ink piece featuring texture that literally "jumps" out of the picture! The strong colours in this art really appeals to the senses.

James Art Studio of Saskatoon, SK

About Kathryn Dueck

I am a certified picture framer who is the owner/operator of James Art Studio which is a business that specializes in custom framing and conservation framing.

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Kathryn Dueck

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Feature piece of Art

Iconic Hockey Memory was framed in the colours of the Montreal Canadiens

Charity of Choice

We enjoy promoting this worthy cause in our community!


Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan - 12 Seasons Twelve posters were reflective of twelve seasons of Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan theatre and hold the signature of the casts for the season's shows.

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James Art Studio is a creative enterprise that meets traditional and creative solutions for all your framing needs.
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